Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Why All The Allergies?

Peanuts, eggs, milk, nuts....BEWARE! Many wonder why so many in the North America suffer from allergies rarely heard of until the last 20 years. A recent broadcast of The Agenda focused on this. The episode was not very useful except to stimulate more questions.

The most important point made on the show was that our diets have changed. But this was not seriously taken up. So let's look at that now.

First, today, most eat a highly processed diet. What does this consist of? Processed foods are processed. Run through machines - made by machines - for machines - not humans. They are dead "foods". All the enzymes and many vitamins have been destroyed - which are necessary for proteins and other substances to be broken down and assimilated. They are oft full of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. They are full of empty carbs. They are oft high on the glycemic index. These all contribute to inflammation [part of the allergic reaction] and the last ones to diabetes.

Corn and soy - both hard to digest and full of anti-nutrients are in 90% of processed foods. Both of these are industrial agriculture's babies. Like babies they demand much food - chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They are also all GMO's [genetically modified organisms]. Organic ones are not GMO.

All the cows, pigs, and chickens that are "raised" in/on factory farms [read caged prisons] are given these same corn and soy...along with anti-biotics. So humans end up eating a large amount of these. And let's remember that soy was used in the paint industry until it became a huge money maker for Big Ag. No traditions culture ate unfermented soy.

So what affect do these have on our immune systems? How does the estrogen in soy affect us? How does the stressful "living" conditions the animals [and us] live in, effect them and us?

Our immune system is determined by the movement of lymph. Lymph only "works" through us moving. Most North Americans are so sedate it is no wonder their immune and others systems malfunction! Few walk, ride, play sports...just play with their phone and drive. Few even get moving making healthy food.

Research reveals that  the lack of sleep most North American "experience" plays a big role.

So the milk and eggs consumed in North America are defiled. Not only is the meat of pasture fed cows higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, so are the eggs of chickens that eat organic feed, along with some yummy worms, bugs, etc.

And who in Ontario has few allergies and asthma? Children that grow up on farms - and especially the Amish. What is a staple of their diet? Raw milk! Full of enzymes and healthy bacteria that strengthen the body systems and is much easier to digest - this reduces allergies and asthma.

So why isn't there more research into those who don't suffer from allergies? The Agenda discussed more research but again it's direction is a quick fix: more support for Big Pharma! All we need is more vaccinations! Why not research how these have shut down our immune systems rather than looking for more?

Research needs to examine the role of pesticides and the 10,000 chemicals [mostly unregulated] that we come in contact with - daily! Their accumulated affect needs to be considered. A child today is born into a cesspool of chemicals in the air, water and food - like never before! It has got to have an effect! And peanuts have been known to have dangerous levels of pesticide residues, since the 1980s. I have seen people allergic to certain foods switch to organic and like magic: no allergic reaction!

We need a-live food! Food that has lots of probiotics, enzymes and nutrition IN them. Fermented foods like natto, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, and kombucha are a great place to start. But how many even know what these are? Eating unprocessed foods are more nutritious and recommended.

Personally, I "cured" my allergy to ragweed. Through a regime of kombucha, water and milk kefir, bee pollen and lots of kimchi [all organic and homemade] I don't suffer from hayfever! Like most health related discussions, I cannot say which is the cause but there certainly is a correlation  here which should be investigated further.

We already know from the research of people like Weston A. Price that traditional lifestyles were much healthier. Plenty of seafood, saturated fats, fermented foods, raw foods and unprocessed foods has kept people allergy free for ages. Instead of, or in addition to research on these foods, we need a change in the food system and life systems we "live". For more on these see this blog's articles and videos.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Free Food: If You Can't Beat 'Em: EAT 'EM! Garlic Mustard, Nettles....

Spring is a glorious time - especially if you like free very nutritious food. A few great plants are Garlic Mustard and Stinging Nettles. GM has a very short season for the plate. It soon goes to flower then seed. It's ok to eat in all these stages but the earlier the better: more tender then.

Nettles can be eaten any time...just beware: "stinging" for a reason! They are very high in iron. Use gloves or avoid touching using scissors.

In this picture you see GM and Beets that over-wintered in the greenhouse. They were lightly steamed in 1cm of water. Here they are swimming in Organic Soy Sauce [to avoid being GMO: Genetically Modified] and Organic Sesame Oil. Yummy.

You can also make great KIMCHI from the GM. See blog for Kimchi recipe and video or on my Youtube.

The violet, periwinkle and other plants are flowering now....so hurray and en-joy. For pic of uncooked GM see the post: "Free Food - But Don't Trust Me - Trust Monsanto And McDonald's".