Sunday, 28 December 2014

Make Your Own Probiotics: Water Kefir And Kombucha

Why buy pills that are supposedly full of probiotics? Do you know if any are even alive by the time you get them? And who knows what is in them? And support some huge corporation when you can make them yourself! Nothing like proud of yourself for taking care of your-self [and others]!

Water kefir is full of great bacteria and yeasts. Kombucha is also, along with glucoronic acid - a potent detoxifying substance.

To make water kefir:

1. Put 2 T of the "babies" in a 500ml jar
2. Add 1-2 T sugar [organic]
3. Add 3-4 figs or fresh HARD fruit like an apple, sliced [about 1/2 of one].
4. Add 1/2 lemon or lime, sliced.
5. Fill with water.

In a few days, depending on the room temperature, it should be fermented enough. Now get a sieve [metal is ok though many say don't use this], and put a funnel into a jar and pour off contents. It's best to scoop out fruit first.
Rinse babies. Wash jar/lid.
Add the babies and repeat.

To make kombucha:

Boil 3 L water.
Turn off, and add 8 black tea bags - organic preferred.  Red Rose Orange Pekoe is pesticide free according to CBC Marketplace.
Add 1 Cup Organic Sugar
Let cool overnite

Put all ingredients in a glass large jar. A ceramic bowl works too, but the jar is best. Do not use any kind of plastic due to estrogen leaks. To this add the kombucha "mushroom" and about 1/2 C liquid from last batch if you have it.
Put in a dark place for about 2-3 weeks.
Take the mushroom out and repeat with a new jar. It's best to have a few jars at a time. You can separate the new mushroom that grows on top of the old one for a new batch.

** If interested in purchasing either starter, please write me via the contact form or via the facebook link.

Water kefir: