Thursday, 6 November 2014

Black Fungus, Tamarind And Radish Top Soup

Great soup for the fall. Using radish tops is a great way to NOT waste food...I learned this in Korea. Just be sure stalks are not hollow or white inside. Cut very small and saute for at least 10 minutes.Likewise, you can use turnip tops! This is a great way to use parts many discard. Both are good for making kimchi also!

About 4 cups cut radish tops
1/4 cup black fungus [soaked a few hours]
4 T tamarind
1 cup finely cut zucchini
2 T tumeric
2 T garam masala [watch for my homemade version]
2 onions
4 garlic cloves [or heads would be better!]
1 hot pepper

1. Heat 3 T olive oil or other fat.
2. Put in hot pepper, finely chopped and onions.
3. Almost immediately after, add other greens.
4. What 1/2 done, add zuch
5. Add spices [including sea salt]
6. Add broth or water. Add as much as you want for desired amount.
7. Boil/simmer till veges are done.
8. Enjoy! 

Saturday, 1 November 2014

MAKING KIMCHI - Fast, Easy, Healthy Fermented Pickle - Prevent Cancer

Watch to learn how to make fab Kimchi...from the kimchi king...trained in the home of kimchi: Korea. For Parts 2 and 3 click here.