Sunday, 1 May 2016

Free Food: If You Can't Beat 'Em: EAT 'EM! Garlic Mustard, Nettles....

Spring is a glorious time - especially if you like free very nutritious food. A few great plants are Garlic Mustard and Stinging Nettles. GM has a very short season for the plate. It soon goes to flower then seed. It's ok to eat in all these stages but the earlier the better: more tender then.

Nettles can be eaten any time...just beware: "stinging" for a reason! They are very high in iron. Use gloves or avoid touching using scissors.

In this picture you see GM and Beets that over-wintered in the greenhouse. They were lightly steamed in 1cm of water. Here they are swimming in Organic Soy Sauce [to avoid being GMO: Genetically Modified] and Organic Sesame Oil. Yummy.

You can also make great KIMCHI from the GM. See blog for Kimchi recipe and video or on my Youtube.

The violet, periwinkle and other plants are flowering hurray and en-joy. For pic of uncooked GM see the post: "Free Food - But Don't Trust Me - Trust Monsanto And McDonald's".