Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Is Raw Thyme

Nothing beats a freshly picked salad in the summer...or any time. But many of us can only do it in the summer....if we are fortunate enough to have a little piece of land.

Raw food is full of enzymes - necessary for digestion and health. Sadly, this does not get mentioned in most discussions that don't go beyond the need for protein, vitamins, etc.

The more colours the better! In the pic below you can see orach and nasturtium flowers. Herbs are great too! And if the greens are a little bitter, enjoy. These help stimulate the liver and digestion. That is why in some parts of Italy they eat the salad before the meal. But it's also good after the meal for cleaning the teeth. 

A very simple salad dressing for us lazy folks is just oil and vinegar. The best thing is to experiment, but here's an example. Beware of store bought ones - usually full of sugar [causes cancer], GMO oils, and taste very artificial and are oft overpriced.

Use extra virgin olive oil - all the better if organic. For vinegar, even the cheap white stuff will do. Or you can easily ferment some cider in the fall. You can sprinkle or pour on about a teaspoon or so of vinegar for an individual serving. Top that with about the same olive oil and some salt [non-iodized sea salt - the dark the better - as this indicates trace minerals] and pepper....easy and good for you!.Topping with nasturtium flowers or shiso leaves add a nice zing.

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