Sunday, 5 May 2013

Koreans Eat Squid - Not Doritos!

Here's a typical snack for many Koreans. Taken on the island of Cheju-do, revealing a much healthier diet than the chubby Canadian/American one. Certainly is verified GMO free [a later discussion]! You can buy packaged, dried squid in convenience stores. What can you buy here in c stores? Crap - super processed, chemical filled, denatured fats...YUMMY!

At least in some gas stations in MN, U.S., you can get some basics for very cheaps: bananas, onions, a few veges, milk...


I must say, though, after watching the film "The Cove" - an excellent film about dolphin killing and capturing in Japan - the squid are living beings and hence should only be eaten in very small quantities/if at all. This applies to all animal products. And of course to eat grass fed, roaming animals if you do eat them.

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