Monday, 28 October 2013

Squash Soup - The Secret Recipe [don't tell anyone]...

Squash is an amazing winter vege! It's sweet, filling and full of vitamin A. You can bake it, steam it, make pies, cookies, muffins with it...or great soup.

The key to any recipe is to experiment. Baking requires some pretty strict guidelines for dry/wet proportions. But most other recipes allow for more flex/play. So here's the general idea for many soups:

1. Bake your squash at 350F for about an hour till soft. Best to cut in half and just lay on cookie sheet.
2. Heat fat or oil in a soup pot and then add onions, leeks and garlic. At least a couple of each or to taste.
3. Cut up a 4cm piece of ginger into small pieces and a fresh hot pepper or dried ones. Cook with the onions.
4. Add some celery - at least 1 large stock or more.
5. If you want an 'Indian' type soup, add 3 T whole cumin, 3 T whole coriander, 3 T tumeric.
6. Scoop out the squash or put the whole thing in the pot if the skin is thin.
7. Break up with a spoon or knife.
8. Add some broth till all is covered.
9. Cook till all soft and blended. Add sea salt and pepper.

A few secret ingredients....ssssshh: after cooked add 2 cups whole milk OR 1 can of coconut milk. Can also add 2 T cinnamon, 1 T nutmeg. Stir. Let sit for a few minutes....and serve it up. Yum!

Here's part of this year's harvest. Hubbard is definitely the sweetest. Buttercup is close behind!

See here for more pics.

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