Saturday, 14 February 2015

Want Strong Bones, "Good" Heart, Great Immune System? ... Natto....

Natto is the wonder food. It directs calcium to the bones - increasing their density. It is full of Vitamin K2 - the "trendy" vitamin! It also protects the heart. It helps to prevent plaque from sticking to it. It also boost the immune system and reduces chronic inflammation.. Dr. Mercola has an interesting video here. Another article is worth looking at here.

So, how do you make natto? It's very easy. What you need is:

2 c organic dry soybeans
1-2 T natto starter [store bought natto should be ok to use]

1. Soak the beans over-night.
2. Cook about 45 min. in a pressure cooker or pot for much longer.
Don't over-cook. They shouldn't be mushy.
3. Add the natto. Stir well.
4. The mixture needs to be kept at 100-105 F for at least 24 hours.
5. A good way is to put the whole pot into the oven with a light bulb on. Or you can put a heating pad around the pot in a cooler.
6. After 24 hours it should be slimy like my picture shows. You can freeze in small bags. It should last at least 6 months.



  1. Thanks for the recipe. I'd love to try this. Do you think it has to be specifically soy beans or can it be just any beans?

  2. You can use the culture to ferment almost any green that I am aware of and I have done several as an experiment. Japanese tradition dictates a certain type of a soybean but I have no idea why. There is much research into natural health benefits by Japanese scientists. You may have interest in joining discussions on our Facebook group "all about natto".