Saturday, 29 April 2017

Granola Bars: Gluten And Sugar Free And YUMMY!

These yummy granola bars are gluten free [GF] and basically sugar free. They have as few sweeteners as possible - but some are needed to keep them together. The dates and raisins are healthier alternatives than filling with sugar. Eggs have been added for the purpose of keeping them together also. Experiment with alternative ingredients as you wish. Try to use organic [and local] ingredients if possible: especially the raisins and peanut butter - the "conventional" [sprayed with toxic sprays] are known to contain lots of harmful residue.

Mix the dry and wet ingredients separately:

4.5 c rolled oats
.5 c rolled barley [can be replaced with oats or alternative grain/seed]
2 c coconut flour
1.5 c dates finely chopped
1 c raisins
.5 c sunflower seeds
.75 c pumpkin seeds

1 c peanut butter
.5 c tahini
1.5 c butter [or oil but butter adds to richness and is healthier than polyunsaturated oils correlated with cancer]
2 eggs
.5 c blackstrap molasses [the most unrefined and healthiest form]
.25-.5 c honey

It helps to heat the butter slightly till it is in an oil state.

Mix all separately and then together. Oil 2 7"X11" pans.
Put ingredients in pans and press down firmly.
Heat at 350F for 20-25. Watch as the coconut flour burns easily

Let cool 20 min. before cutting. Enjoy!

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