Monday, 15 January 2018

Make Your Own Hand and Face Cream

Tired of paying exorbitant prices to keep healthy skin? Want to avoid wrinkles caused by cold, windy winters? Tired of not really knowing what is in the products [yes companies lie....and also hide behind big chemical names...and today these are oft replaced merely by numbers!]? Consumers have had to fight to just know what is in these products [and their food]. But some ingredients or items may not even have to be labelled!

One solution is to make your own: DIY [do it yourself]. I'll make it easy for you. Try to get all organic ingredients: remember your skin absorbs whatever is put on it!

This recipe is a thick cream for winter. If it works in Canada, it will work anywhere! :) For a summer version, increase the oils. Remember when applying any cream, lotion or oil that the goal is hold in water [hydro]. So it is best to wash in warm water and mild soap [except the face], pat dry, apply cream. It may appear a little greasy for a few minutes so give it time to absorb. And apply very small quantities.

Cleanliness is vital. Using totally dry utensils is also important. Note that without preservatives you want to be careful about mold. I have never had a problem whatsoever though.

I use food grade oils. They are much cheaper and can be bought in most grocery stores. Other ingredients can be bought online.Try to get unrefined, organic and free trade ingredients.

This recipe is all natural, edible and smells fantastic: like chocolate! Enjoy.

Melt in a small sauce pan:
70 grams beeswax
100g shea butter
100g cocoa butter

Once melted, add the following:
5 Tablespoons grape seed oil
8 T Avocado oil
10 T Almond oil

If you have a favourite essential oil, you can add just before pouring into containers.But this recipe smells so good even without EO's!

Once all melted, you can pour in CLEAN containers. It is best to use glass jars. Plastic [all] may transfer estrogen into the cream. You can even use old jars, cream containers, etc. Let cool. Put tops on. Whatever you aren't using you can freeze for years!

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